Thursday 25 February 2010

Island News February 2010

Debbie Purdy welcomes assisted suicide guidelines

"Right-to-die" campaigner and multiple sclerosis sufferer welcomes new guidelines but vows to continue campaigning for a change to the law to give other people the same clarity she feels she now has herself.

Obama healthcare summit descends into sniping

US president's health summit descends into partisan sniping and ideological divides despite his plea for no "political theatre".

Mother of Khyra Ishaq cleared of murder

A mother who starved her seven-year-old daughter to death was cleared after prosecutors accepted her defence of diminished responsibility.

Friday 1 January 2010

Island News January 2010

Sorry, but these apologies provoke derision

The PM has many reasons to express regret, so why pick one he had nothing to do with, asks Gerald Warner.
25 Feb 2010

Gordon Brown told Tony Blair 'You ruined my life'

Gordon Brown told Tony Blair that he had "ruined his life" during the final confrontation before Blair agreed to announce the date when he would stand down as Prime Minister.
25 Feb 2010

Wheels of No 10 spin turn on Samantha Cameron

Alistair Darling is unlikely to be the only one to have the “forces of Hell” unleashed against him by No 10 Downing Street. Mandrake hears that Samantha Cameron is to be the new target of a Labour smear campaign.
24 Feb 2010

Brown apologises to child migrants

Gordon Brown has apologised to victims of the Child Migrants Programme, which sent children to former colonies without their parents' consent.
24 Feb 2010

PMQs: Brown defends his relationship with Chancellor

David Cameron asks Gordon Brown why he is "at war" with Alistair Darling.
24 Feb 2010

Cameron: Brown 'at war' with his Chancellor

Tory leader challenges Prime Minister over Alistair Darling's complaint that "the forces of hell" were unleashed against him.
24 Feb 2010

Brown denies 'unleashing forces of hell' on Darling

Prime Minister says he would never instruct anybody to do anything other than support the Chancellor, Alistair Darling.
24 Feb 2010

I'd rather work for Mr Angry than a quiet assassin

Real bullies are sly, manipulative and masters of psychological warfare - unlike Gordon Brown, says Rowan Pelling.
24 Feb 2010

Purdy criticises Brown over assisted suicide

'Right-to-die' campaigner criticises Prime Minister after he warned against legalising assisted suicide.
24 Feb 2010

Bullying turtle named after Gordon Brown

A bad tempered turtle has been named Grumpy Gordy and moved into solitary confinement, after bullying other aquatic lifeforms at Scotland's largest sanctuary for marine animals.
24 Feb 2010

We must resist the call to legalise assisted suicide

Death as an option and an entitlement would fundamentally change the way we think about mortality, warnsGordon Brown.
24 Feb 2010